Regular Domestic cleaning

Here is what included in regular cleaning !

we will put in as much effort as it takes to get your home or business looking as rally good as fell good or looks new. please check below to see whats included in your regular cleaning 

* unlimited customer service 
* 100% Satisfaction guarantee
* we used our won top quality product 

Bedroom, living room and all common areas
* dust and wipe down all surfaces
* clean cob webs
* clean skirting boards and window sills
* clean hallway , staircase
* declutter of all areas
* empty bins
* clean all surfaces
* scrub toliets
* clean outside of cabinets and drawers
* clean sinks
* clean bathtub
* clean mirrors
* clean showers
* wet wipe fridge outside
* clean all surfaces
* wipe outside of applicances
* clean sink
* clean outside of cupboards and drawers
* wipe outside of oven
* empty bins
Optional extras
* deep cleaning/windows cleaning 
* inside of cabinets and drawers
* inside of fridge/fan/ac diswasher cleaning 
* inside oven/renchood cleaning 
* interior and exterior windows
* washing dishes/outdoors cleaning 
* bed linen change
* wall washing
* carpet steam cleaning
* mould removal and grout cleaning in shower or bathroom
* garage or deck sweeping
* bin wash out

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